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To transform the quality and equity of education to all, especially the underprivileged.

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    Contact information for Training Centers

    Suddie Village, Essequibo

    Richard Faikal Police College
    GPF-Zara Computer Center
    Contact: Sergeant Hanover
    Telephone: 771-5150

    Adventure Village, East Coast Berbice

    Felix Austin Police College
    GPF-Zara Computer Center
    Contact: Sergeant Ramsey
    Telephone: 331-0551


    Office Training Center
    GPF-Zara Computer Center
    Contact: Corporal Hinds
    Telephone: 227-6472

    Central Islamic Organization of Guyana (CIOG)

    Wolford Ave.
    Queenstown, Guyana
    Contact: Ms. Moses
    Telephone: 601-6486

    University of Guyana

    Jay and Sylvia Center for Behavioral Science
    Turkeyen Campus
    Georgetown, Guyana
    Telephone: 601-6486

    Local SAT and SHSAT Test Prep and Computer Training

    America Sevashram Ashram
    153-14 Jamaica Avenue, Jamaica NY 11432
    Contact: Naresh Singh
    Telephone: 347-649-5303